With gold prices like this , can you afford  , not to own your own claim ?     And don't forget , Platinum can be found in this area.
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At $ 950.00/oz. , this is $ 10.00 worth of gold .
$ 10.00 @ $950.00/oz
Please be patient .
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Jobe Highbanker

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Fancy Litter Gold Panning Concentrates
- $ 29.95
Fancy Litter Gold Panning Concentrates are 1.5 lbs of pure pay dirt. There's gold in every bag, so perfect for practice panning or calming cabin fever over the long winter months. These concentrates are loaded with black sands, so should provide a challenge to begginer and expert alike. Real gold in every bag!
At $1420.00/oz.  it's $14.95
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Proline 2" Combo

From: BlackCatMining.com
David Tuesday, 5/13/08, 7:27 PM 
 If you have a chance to purchase a gold bearing property in this region of Northern California, I suggest you do it as soon as you can. There are many folks out there buying up all the gold properties just to buy them and hold them for years. I guess there's nothing wrong with that, but you simply have to experience the excitement of finding your very own gold! Art will work with you if you can't pay all at once, and believe me, you'll have NO PROBLEM recovering gold on any Art's propertis in this historically rich area. You'll have your claim paid off before you know it and have decades left over! Now get out there and prospect! Shack 
 From: Virginia 
 Web Site:  Shacks Gold 
Dave found all this gold , by himself , in two weeks , on his claim .   Visit his site , Shacks Gold , to see Dave in action .
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